How can you benefit from a Social Circle?

I bet you have already played with a Social Circle a bit. The Facebook account for your business is open, you have posted a couple of blog posts and even tweeted for a month or so. But you feel that all this effort goes in vain.

Don’t worry, many marketers feels like that – it’s tempting to take social media success for granted. Unfortunately, it is not that easy. Posting in social media is not synonymous with social media success. Here are some tips how to increase your social effectiveness:

Setting a new mindset

First thing a company needs to do is to change the way of thinking about social media. Contrary to popular belief, It’s not a place where you talk and others listen, but rather a place where people communicate and interact. If you want to lead and influence your audience, first you must learn to listen to them. Ask relevant questions, respond to comments and get involved in their lives. Focus on a relationship and show your followers that you care about them and their passions, not about their money. A lot of time and energy is required to achieve your goal, but this is the only way to get visible in the Social Circle.

Strategic planning

With a brand new social media marketing mindset, your marketing department can now get down to work. Don’t make the mistake of publishing anything just yet! First employ some strategic thinking. How can your business help your audience? What benefits do they get from following you? How can you make their lives better? Ask yourself these questions and check whether the answers correspond to your business objectives. Can Social Circle actually give your company back what it wants? If yes, then plan how to achieve long-term business targets. What do you want to talk about with your audience? What kind of feedback you are looking for? How are you going to engage people once they join your community? An organized approach always helps to win commitment and involvement of the audience.

Consistency and integrity

Once a social media strategy is implemented, try to stay consistent across all the services and platforms you are using. Be the same person on Twitter and on Facebook. Set the same tone of voice across all blog posts, and most importantly – stay authentic! Your followers immediately know it when marketers pretend to be someone they are not. In social media, being yourself is a must.

Is your business already benefiting from a Social Circle? Please share your experience with us!

Dorota is currently advising clients how to create and manage effective advertising campaigns in accordance with the principles of Inbound Marketing. She offers training sessions and provides consulting and audit services for businesses of all sizes. To date, Dorota has worked with over 60 professionals, private entrepreneurs and top 500 companies. She has also been responsible for the online presence of over 40 businesses (white label).