How to SEO a website?

This year witnessed a true revolution in search engine optimization. Due to increasing number of marketing professionals who have overused traditional SEO techniques, Google has introduced penalties for those who over-optimize. It is evident that practices that worked in the past no longer apply.

In the recent decade companies have realized that good exposure in search engine results generates bigger sales. The SEO industry has flourished and marketing professionals have developed a wide range of tricks that supported a site’s performance in search engines. It comes as little surprise that Google decided to act against these techniques and introduced countermeasures.

This post covers practices that went out of fashion understand how Google wants us to build the value of our website.

Techniques to be avoided at any cost

Rand Fishkin, one of the most acknowledged experts from SEOMoz, has identified key areas of optimization that should be avoided at any cost:

1. Writing keyword minded titles and texts – the content on your site must be authentic. Keyword-rich text with little or no meaning targeted at rank improvement will no
longer be tolerated.

2. Using manipulative internal links – back in the days, it was effective to link the same page to the same anchor over and over again. It won’t be helpful anymore, as only one anchor text will count.

3. Stuffing a site footer with links – this can still be frequently spotted across the Internet, but the new rules say that only links relevant to site users will be tolerated.

4. Building networks of irrelevant or reciprocal links – quantity criteria may still count, but only if the linkage makes sense. The mere fact that the site is linked to some other site that has a specific keyword in its content won’t bring any positive results.

Inbound marketing – the modern SEO

To remain competitive in search engine results, companies must shift their focus to inbound marketing techniques that Google is very supportive of. To that end, it is advised to:

1. Focus on the content – the best websites attract users by offering interesting content. Staying unique and relevant to users is all that matters these days. If the text doesn’t contain useful information, it won’t be appreciated by search engines
2. Extend your Social Circle – having a standalone website is not enough. Successful SEO companies reach out to people through many channels, like blogs, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.

3. Build relationship with your audience – becoming friends with your customers is absolutely essential. They will share your content across their circles and will automatically turn into SEO marketers building the network of links leading to your website.

Has your company already tried the new way of SEO marketing?

Dorota is currently advising clients how to create and manage effective advertising campaigns in accordance with the principles of Inbound Marketing. She offers training sessions and provides consulting and audit services for businesses of all sizes. To date, Dorota has worked with over 60 professionals, private entrepreneurs and top 500 companies. She has also been responsible for the online presence of over 40 businesses (white label).