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Five crazy SEO tips to improve your SEO ranking

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For a website, being on the second and other consequent pages of Google for searches is a death sentence. No one has the time or patience to scroll through pages to search for a response, and instead, they rephrase their searches.

Appearing on the first page of Google is not exactly a piece of cake, especially if you account for the numerous websites online competing for the same market share. For you to be the preferred and credible source of information in your industry, you must consistently rank first on the first page of Google. Below are five crazy SEO tips to help improve your ranking:

Question and Answer content type strategy

This strategy may seem like a farfetched idea from getting ahead of your competitors on the rank position of Google, but it is not. If you are keen to realize, people tend to phrase their search queries regarding questions, so that they can receive the most straightforward responses there are.

In manner, if you phrase your content, to merely your title and H1 texts, then you can grasp the attention of many audiences while increasing the audience engagement in your site. Visit sites like Quora to gather long-tail keywords by analyzing the questions that are there, then use them to frame queries and form relevant responses.

Further, include questions in your discussions online and in the feedback channels you have. This way, you get to keep your target audience alert and intrigued to give their opinions.

Concentrate on brand mentions

Brand mentions may not necessarily link back to your website, but they create traction for your brand by bringing attention to matters of your brand. While sourcing for backlinks, you want to be keen with brand mentions which also imply that your audience is highly engaging with your platform and your content.

To build on your brand mentions, you must improve your presence and activity on social media, and given that social media has a lot of impact on people’s searches, then your site will be ranking on the first page of Google in no time.

Track your SEO results and audit your website

Ideally, many webmasters skip this essential step of SEO because it sounds like a mere routine check. Far from it, inspecting your site is a habit you want to embrace as it is the one guide that will point you in the right direction. With Serpbook.com, for instance, you can keep tabs on your SEO results by following through your SERP.

While at it, gather as much intel on the major areas on your site that require fixing, including broken links or missing files, slow pages, mobile responsiveness, among others, all of which work to compromise the user experience of your website.

Go big on content

In matters of SEO, you cannot compromise on content quality or quantity. People are thirsty for information, but they want good quality information that is relevant to their needs. Aim for different style and formats, so that you cover for long-form content, short-form content, and evergreen content, which will withstand the test of time.

Ideally, content will speak for you when all else is failing, so, do not hesitate to go big. Discuss topic areas that are unmined and give them a personal and humanly perspective that people can relate to easily. You also want to explore hot topics that are trending as a way to place you on the map when people are looking for perspectives on such matters.

Indulge in visualization

We are living in an era of social media activity that has made powerful the concept of visualization. Given that over 70% of the internet population is intrigued by visualization, this is your ticket to the first page of Google. Even reputable loan lenders like mmPaydayLoans are implementing this tactic.

The goal here is to incorporate different media in your text-based content not forgetting to share them across different platforms widely. Embrace the use of high-quality and optimized pictures, photographs, memes, among others. Further, you can alternate your text-based content with well-made videos to convey the entire message or to compliment the copy.

For the infographics, make sure they are well-designed, with clear fonts large enough for the audience to read without straining.

If you want to make it through the practice of SEO and supersede your competitors on the Google Search results, you must do something extra, and these five SEO tips may look crazy but are the ultimate strategies for a high ranking.

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